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studio bsg
bergsundsgatan 14
117 37 stockholm
about max

stockholm based music producer, composer and artist max linder, born 1970, has been an active musician and part of the stockholm music scene since his early twenties. he modestly handles various stringed instruments, keyboards and drums, excels in singing and has a passion for composing for moving images, as well as writing catchy pop-songs. max was the lead singer of 90’s soul/acid jazz band newtone. he has also relased a few songs on his label vanukka records. in swedish ad industry, max has earned a reputation as one of the top producers of music for commercials, doing work for many well-known international as well as swedish brands. in 2012, max was awarded the skap scholarship for his music.
being somewhat of a technical geek, max has designed and built the small but competent and well-sounding studio bsg in hornstull. it has a strong focus on vintage instruments and gear, combined with high-end digital recording equipment and great acoustics. studio bsg is run together with long time friend and colleague mikael sundin.
when not making music, max enjoys sailing and restoring his classic 5½ yacht blåsut.
studio bsg
about the studio

studio bsg’s 15 sqm recording room has an upright piano, a complete drum kit and an assortment of amps, instruments and sonic toys. the room is soundproofed and acoustically accurate, with adaptable velvet drapes and a full-wall helmholtz resonator for efficient control of standing waves – an otherwise common problem in rooms of this size.
the 20 sqm control room has a three-screen mac system, comfortable seating and a great espresso machine and small pentry. quadratic residue diffusors on walls and ceiling, and a minimum of parallell surfaces assure accurate monitoring from genelec 8040’s and yamaha ns-10’s. the studio has reinforced doors and windows with a monitored alarm.
equipment & gear

keyboards outboard amps & axes microphones
minimoog studer 169 8:2 fender deluxe rev neumann m147
korg ms20 urei la-4 x2 ampeg jet12 b&o bm5
korg polysix neve 8801 gibson ga90 akg c414 x2
roland sh09 revox pr99 misc. guitars, bass neumann m184 x2
rhodes mk 1 ua apollo 16 banjo, lap steel beyer m260n x2
förster upright roland re501 ludwig 70’s kit electro-voice re20